name Organization Job titlesort descending Reason for account
Emily Hodos Developing WordPress website. Learning about Joomla. Anything else I can learn to develop my own website and other web-based needs of my business.
Jay Velez I want to learn how to code. I don't find any resources for adults to do so in Western Massachusetts.
Renee Mackay
Dylan Scinicariello
David Moody
Peter Young wordpress site development
Sundar Kumarasamy
Zoe Kritzberger
Nii Nikoi Front-end development
Luis Marquez
markgtoce's picture mark toce
Nick Monti
Anna-Maria Goossens Parent of attendee
Mike Moore PHP, iOS
Sam Tang
Timothy Callahan
Ashok Obuli
Jake Del Hagen New technology Website build-outs Connecting the internet of things
Emily B I want to learn how to code and all that jazz.
Dan Chu Data & Security Intro to Programming in the workforce
First name Last name
lise prown wordpress and web design
Stephen Lester
Becky Wai-Ling Packard
Kahil Henderson Coding, Programming
Andrew Cavanagh
Serene Sargent I had an account, and just received an email from NERDS there, but I could not make the system recognize the email address you communicate with me with. No matter. I'm psyched about the free tickets and will volunteer wherever needed.
Vatasha White Programming. Software Engineering, Graph Theory, etc
Chad McGowan General Tech, web design, teaching, robotics, computer science, Instructional technology
Trinity Montoya Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Programming Bootcamps, MEAN stack
mollie-shae laurent I wont to lrean how to code.
Cara Magliozzi
Lissie's picture Lissie Fein Sweet and Fizzy Design, development, education
Tengiz Vachnadze
Walter Doan Java, Django, Databases, SQL, Web Development, Web Applications
Tomas Ja Web development
Taylor Smaldone Graphic and Web Design
Hannah Burton At school we are doing a thing called genius hour which you have 20 percent of your work time to learn about what you want to ,so i have always wanted to learn how to code. genius hour originated from google because they got 20 percent of their work time to learn about whatever they wanted to so then some of googles best products came out of it
Thomas Skibinski
Herlinda Landers Web Design, Internet Marketing, Homeschool Mom-Teacher,
Catherine Blatz
Chalynne Reed
Thai Nguyen