Introduction to Vagrant

Vagrant is a powerful tool for managing local development environments. It allows you to create temporary or permanent local development stacks on virtual machines. You can use it to quickly spin up any stack, from a simple LAMP server to a complex, load balanced multi-server network. It is ideal for developing on production-alike environments, which is a best practice no matter what your platform is. This session will cover the basics of installing Vagrant, finding and downloading a new Vagrant box, how to run and access your Vagrant environments.

To Patch or Custom: How to decide when to patch a contrib module or go custom

To use a contrib (community) module, patch a contrib module or write a custom module, that is the question.

With over 25,000 community contributed modules available for download it is rare to find one that does not offer the functionality you are looking for. However, when you cannot find a module that fits your needs you are then faced with a choice. Do you patch an existing contrib module? Or write a custom one?

To figure out the answer to the answer you just need to remember to R.E.A.D.

Programming for Absolute Beginners

Never programmed before, but want to give it a shot? Want to release the programming ninja inside you, but don't know where to start? Want to get the basics of programming down, so you can talk shop with more experienced developers? Just want to give programming a try, and see if you like it?

Join master trainer Mark Lassoff for this course which will introduce you to the basics of developing software. Mark will introduce you to the concepts that are universal to most programming languages using Python- a free language that you can run on any platform.

Hadouken! HTML5 Game Programming

HTML5 presents a great opportunity to create browser based games that work across the array of tablet and smartphone based devices. In the near future, as the device environment becomes more diverse, developers will begin to adopt standards that work across all devices. With HTML5, Javascript and the free createJS engine, surprisingly sophisticated games can be created.

Beyond PHP/Python/Ruby/... : it's not (just) about the code !

Most web developers focus on writing code. But creating web applications is about much more than just writing code. Take a step outside the code cocoon and into the big web ecosphere to find out how small code changes can make a world of difference on servers and network. This talk is an eye-opener for developers who spend over 80% of their time coding, debugging and testing.

When dynamic becomes static : the next step in web caching techniques

Although tools like Varnish can improve performance and scalability for static sites, when user-specific content is needed, a hit to the PHP/Ruby/Python/.Net backend is still required, causing scalability issues. We'll look at a brand-new Nginx module which implements an ultra-fast and scalable solution to this problem, changing the way developers think about designing sites with user-specific content. We'll go into how the module works and we'll put the old and new setups head-to-head to showcase the performance and scalability differences.

Performance and scalability in the PHP ecosystem

A step-by-step guide to improving the performance and scalability of your PHP based applications, not just on code level, but more importantly in the larger PHP ecosystem. We'll discuss caching (why ? how ? how NOT ?), web architecture, the importance of web stack choices (incl. alternatives to the LAMP stack), web and database server configuration, sharding, tuning and a lot more.


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