Introduction to WordPress Child Theming

So you've been playing around with WordPress. You feel like you've really gotten the hang it. However, you're starting to run into limitations with how much you can customize your site. The next step toward creating an entirely custom WordPress site is to create a child theme. A child theme is a theme which is based on another theme (the "parent theme"), and can override and/or add to the look and functionality of the parent theme.

This session is for: people who have made an HTML/CSS website, used WordPress, and run into customization limitations

Going Beyond The Loop

One of the most common tasks in WordPress theme development is to manipulate and/or display a certain set of posts outside of the main post listing. WP_Query is how you accomplish that, but it can seem like a very complex beast to tackle. This session would explain what WP_Query is and what it does, when to use it, and what to do when WP_Query isn't appropriate.

This session is for: beginner developers with some WordPress coding experience who want to level up

(I could also do this talk as a longer workshop, if there's interest)

Intro to Git

This presentation will cover the fundamental concepts of Git, an overview of frequently-used commands, and a practical demonstration of using Git in a project. This presentation will be useful for people who are new to Git, are new to version control in general, or fall into that category of "I use it but I don't really know why I'm typing the commands I'm typing."

Drupal 101

Introduction to Drupal starting with the basics: content types, fields, taxonomy, views, themes, modules, etc. The session will walk though setting up a Drupal site on your local computer, and then put it up on a web host for the world to see. Emphasis will be on "this is easy", because it is. This session is not just for beginner developers but also for non-developers who just want to better understand Drupal and content management systems in general.

Where do we go from here?

You've been programming for a while. You can make things happen, get things done, but you know there is more out there. What next? I'll be going over the "gates" that I've seen developers go through as the develop and attempt to give people a road map of the things that they should be looking to learn "next" from where they are. Some of the gates I've seen so far are:
  1. Basics
    • variables
    • logical structures
    • data structures
    • functions
  2. Organization
    • File separations

New to PHP

So, there are all these letters and numbers and punctuation when you're looking at your Wordpress theme (or Drupal Theme). You can get a few things done, but it all looks like magic to you.

Let's pull back the curtain and show you how to program some PHP. Did you know it now has a local server so you can develop without getting your files somewhere? That you can connect to a database?

I'll cover the beginning fundamentals for programming PHP including:

  • Getting Started
  • The PHP server
  • Variables
  • Logic


Interested in learning some Node.js? Know some already & want to improve your skills? Come by this Nodeschool workshop & work thru a lesson that matches your skill level. There are lessons for Javascript novices & pros alike, all programmers are welcome! (That said, if you've never written code before this workshop might be a bit much-- it's not "Intro to Programming" & assumes you know what variables & functions are etc..).


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