Get Involved with Core sprint for new Drupal core contributors

The "Get Involved with Core" sprint is an opportunity for first-time contributors to Drupal to get involved by spending the day working on Drupal 8.

All new contributors (developers, themers, quality assurers, documentation writers, business analysts, project managers) are encouraged to attend. No prior experience is needed. Please remember to bring your laptop. Mentors will be present during the event to help get you started and to help you as you work on an issue.

Integrating Gmail and Google Apps with your domain

Too often clients use their default mail provider when registering a domain through sites such as Godaddy. In this presentation I'll go through the ins and outs of setting up a Google Apps account and touch base on some highlighted features.

Google has a vast array of tools available including a best in class user management system, free cloud storage, one of the best anti-spam filters available, and much more.

Attendants should have some understanding of how the domain registration process works.

Entities, Bundles, and Fields: You need to understand this!

The concepts of Entities, Bundles and Fields underlay much of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 functionality. Though Drupal sitebuilders and developers understand the concept of Fields, Entity Types and Bundles are often misunderstood or even unknown to those new(or not so new) to Drupal. Understanding these concepts will make you a better Site Builder and give you a better understanding of how many popular contributed modules work.

Intro to Docker for CMS

Docker is an exciting technology which allows developers to deploy software in a highly portable and repeatable environment, thus easing a path to production. Using Docker, one can:
  • Deploy applications such as Drupal, Wordpress and more in their own environments. Does your Drupal deployment require PHP 5.4, but your Wordpress deployment requires PHP 5.5? No problem.
  • Easily test upgrades without impacting production, as well as provide a way to rollback.
  • Migrate an application from one host to another

Intro to Node.js

Node.js has been getting a lot of attention of late. Its asynchronous, highly concurrent architecture is perfect for massively parallel network applications. Additionally, the ability to write server-side javascript is appealing because it allows for fullstack javascript development. This talk will give intermediate and advanced developers an intro to Node and express.js.

Drupal Module Development

This course will get you started in Drupal Module Development. Whether you want to learn module development for your own projects or to advance your career as a developer, this course is for you.

Although Drupal can be used as a powerful tool to make websites without writing any code learning to code for Drupal greatly expands what Drupal can do for you.

Who is this course for?:
PHP developers or other programmers who want to add Drupal development to their skillset
Drupal Site Builders who want to learn custom module development

What will you learn?:


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