Git Milk

This is an intro to Git session with an emphasis on practical advice, giving you just what you need to know for day to day work. I did this at Drupal Camp 2013, attached are slides from that. Will update for 2015. (Note: if someone else wants to give and into to Git talk I am happy to step aside. )

Joomla 101

In this informative session, you'll be introduced to the Joomla! Content Management System through a demonstration style presentation that walks you through the process of setting up a Joomla! site including categories, articles, menu items, modules, and template installation. We'll review the capabilities of the Joomla! Content Management system along with how to expand its core offerings with proprietary extensions, plugins and modules. Showcase websites will be included to illustrate the capabilities.

Hypermedia: Taking your API to the next level

Learn the basics of what hypermedia adds to your API, and how API clients, from web apps to thick clients, evolve to focus on workflows, not URLs or data.

We will cover:

  • Hypermedia Basics
  • A simple API, with and without hypermedia elements, using HAL as the media type
  • A JavaScript web app API client, demonstrating how the client evolves when consuming a hypermedia API

Bang for the Buck: Improving Drupal Site Performance on a Budget

We all want our Drupal sites to run faster. The need for speed only continues to increase as does the rapid growth of mobile users and the ever-expanding amount of rich content on the web. For many of us, Drupal is at the center – serving up our content to users who expect pages to load FAST. But despite its power, Drupal can be a performance bottleneck. For large projects, the solution may be as simple as provisioning additional hosting resources: more memory, additional server instances, load balancers, etc.

Web Scraping with Node.js

Web scraping is a valuable tool for utilizing the vast amount of data available on the web. It can be employed for research, in the enterprise, or for personal use. The only limit is your creativity (and potentially, a site's terms of use). Using Node.js and a few helpful packages, web scraping is easier than ever. In this session, I'll go over the basic tools and techniques for scraping in a Node environment. I'll also cover some of the obstacles and caveats - it's important to not go about taking the wrong data! I'll go over some examples in code, as well as potential use cases.


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