Using Celery Task Queue in a Content Processing Build Cycle

If you process content regularly, you might deal with capturing data from multiple sources, performing some processing, and then outputting to multiple targets. (For example, you might have a search index and a MySQL database that need to be updated simultaneously every week based on new content from a client.) You also might need error tracking and reporting. Wouldn't it be nice if you could build a system where you could automate all of this?

BOF - Why Drupal can save the Environmental Movement

Can it? Humanity is certainly at a crossroads. There is something universal about Open Source communities that unleashes human creativity, that drives people to late nights tearing down the barriers to their dreams and creating powerful change. What are the visions that Open Source people want for the world, and how does the Drupal framework bring that vision to reality?

20-min Presentation - Power + Parallels among Open Source Communities

Polishing Code with PHP CodeSniffer

Do you think that white space matters? Does your boss or your client insist on "TRUE" instead of "true", or vice versa? Are you contributing to an open-source project that has developed its own coding standards?

If any of these apply, and if you write PHP code, then PHP CodeSniffer can help keep you on track by telling you where your code does not match the standard. Recent versions of this tool can automatically fix many violations.

I will use examples based on Drupal and WordPress.

Web Scraping Made Easy with Node.js, Cheerio and X-Ray

Web scraping is a valuable tool for structuring and utilizing the vast amount of data available on the web. It can be employed for research, in the enterprise, or for personal use. The only limit is your creativity (and potentially, a site's terms of use)!

Using Node.js and packages like Cheerio and X-Ray, web scraping is easier than ever. With a minimum amount of effort, you can get nicely-structured Javascript objects and arrays extracted from the content of a site.

Building Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome provides a number of powerful APIs for creating browser extensions. Using existing web development skills, you can make an extension that reads a site’s content, adds context menu options, manage tabs, and more. Outside of a few restrictions in the name of security, most features that you could think of are possible!

The Tidy Git: Streamlining Your Development Workflow

Collaborating with Git is now an essential skill for developers in today's market. It's not enough to know how to push and pull commits. The real power of Git emerges when adhering to a successful workflow. At it's core, the key to using Git is making frequent commits and shaping them into clean and atomically meaningful units of work. In this session, well cover:
  • Crafting useful commit messages
  • Working with remote repositories
  • Branching strategies
  • Stashing temporary changes
  • Rebasing branches to manage merge conflicts

Before it hits the fan!

The design is done, the site is built and launched. How do you make sure you keep that site running well? What steps do you need to do before you have problems? What are the tricks and tips on how to troubleshoot your site when you are having problems? We are two support engineers who help people fix their broken Drupal sites everyday.

Getting along with others' dev environments

Over the last couple years, many larger organizations have adopted platform-as-service web hosting to simplify and centralize the process of keeping many sites up-to-date. The shift from traditional hosting models like shared and dedicated hosting to platform-as-a-service models like Pantheon and Acquia Cloud present new considerations when determining how to best integrate your team's development workflow with that of an organization with many complex and unique approaches to managing their own development workflow.


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