name Organization Job title Reason for account
Aaron E-J The Other Realm Inventor Design coop, collaborative invention, entrepreneurship, thinking outside of the box, node, JavaScript, php, coding things from scratch, computer to human interaction/human augmentation.
Aaron Shenette Isovera Marketing Specialist Web design, technology, architecture, design, travel, weightlifting, cooking.
Aaron Bello Hosttor, Inc Website Developer For proposed sessions
Aaron Manire Isovera Director of Web Development
Aaron Evan-Browning python, arduino, basic avr programming, sensory prosthetics, haptics, VR, Vim, arch linux, musical saw, paper folding ...
acoburn's picture Aaron Coburn Amherst College Programmer / Systems Administrator Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Linked Data/Semantic Web
Aaron Kaplowitz Networking, security, backend/backbone structures, the Internet.
Aaron Smith Nodeschool day
Abby Kingman Signing up for NERD Summit 2015
Manzilak's picture Abdullah Alghamdi Manzilak General Manager
whizabz's picture Abhimanyu Sirothia Accenture Software Engineer Tech, Design, Photography
Abraham Martinez I want to learn how to code
ashepherd's picture Adam Shepherd Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Software Engineer Drupal, Semantic Web, Oceanography, Movies, and good comfort food
MrAdamJohn's picture Adam John Various.
Adam Shanahan
Adam Mack
Aditi Vora
Adonis Familia
Adrian Poveda Mckay
Adriane Gan
Adrienne LaPierre
Ailia Hopkins
Ajay Gallewale Interested in teaching (conducting a session)
Akio Burns
Al Williams Interested in deeper involvement with NERD 2015, possibly as sponsor, panelist, anchor institution.
Alan Wolf I can't believe I haven't made one yet! I work at Last Call Media and can't wait to go the summit!
Alan Zaffetti Enterprise software development in Scala.
alec hill drupal, php, linux, git, javascript
Aleda Jonquil
Aleda Jonquil PHP, Javascript & jQuery, Drupal, WordPress, front end development
Alex Lofland Web Developer
Alex Chou Software Engineering, Web Development, Android Development, etc etc.
Alex Liebowitz Riverbed Technology Senior Software Engineer at Riverbed Technology, Webmaster/Web Developer for Podcasting, indie media, community sites, people discovery.
Alex Coon
ahripak's picture Alexander Hripak Credly Director of Engineering
Alexander Hripak Fuzz Productions Senior Developer
Alexander Sullivan Artificial Intelligence, Application/Game Dev, Data Analysis