name Organizationsort descending Job title Reason for account
Sarah Dunton educational technology mobile technologies informal STEM education
Tyler Redzko Software Development. Web Development. Java, C#, ColdFusion, Git, much more. Looking to learn a lot from this conference!
Chad McGowan General Tech, web design, teaching, robotics, computer science, Instructional technology
Erica Stockwell-Alpert
Ayodeji Marquis Everything there is to know to about computers
Laura O'neil
Vernice Hammonds
Cherisse Smith Online Blogging, Online Advertising, Web Marketing
Micayla Hall
Daisy Frederick Coding for middle schoolers, including Scratch,, MIT App. Inventor, Lego mindstorms, processing, game design with MMF2, and codeacademy.
Chris Cross
luiz messi
Gail Parsloe
Nick Wojcik
Eizabeth Sheirer Drupal, website usability
Norman Meso
Keith Paul
Christine Olson
Tiffany Kha
Edward Jennings Web development, WordPress development, PHP, HTML5, CSS3>
Kelly Dwan Web Developer
David Milgrim Game design, Java
roger batum
Kory Behrens Learning to code, cooking, traveling, surfing, reading
Hailu Dyami Drupal 8, actionkit, civicrm, jquery, stuff i dont know already
Bill Leahy
Ali Wicks-Lim
Yinglai Yang Version control, Matlab, Data analysis, Scientific programming
Lou Franco
Tony Della Ratta Development, security
Michael South
Adonis Familia
Jami Fisher
Noah Smith
Wayne English Writing, Web content, social networking, instructing, speaking
Kay VanValkenburgh
Anthony Gentile Programming Small projects like building arduiono board projects Running Boxing Beatboxxing
Ashe Dryden's picture Ashe Dryden
Colin Mitchell Programming, Interactivity, Digital Art
Jeffrey Peck