name Organizationsort descending Job title Reason for account
Bill Leahy
Ali Wicks-Lim
Yinglai Yang Version control, Matlab, Data analysis, Scientific programming
Heidi Stanclift I have a small web development company in Keene NH.
Lou Franco
Sarah Winnett Looking to improve myself in multimedia design.
Graham Graham I want to learn code
Tony Della Ratta Development, security
Michael South
Thanh Nguyen web development
Adonis Familia
Jami Fisher
Christopher Thompson Tickets for NERD 2015
Tyler Carter I think coding would be a fun hobby.
Noah Smith
Wayne English Writing, Web content, social networking, instructing, speaking
Kay VanValkenburgh
Anthony Gentile Programming Small projects like building arduiono board projects Running Boxing Beatboxxing
Jessica Grant I've been asked to teach a workshop at nerd 2015.
zane thygerson to learn to code
Ashe Dryden's picture Ashe Dryden
Colin Mitchell Programming, Interactivity, Digital Art
Jeffrey Peck
Kartike Mathur IT, Wordpress, Cybersecurity, Technology as a whole
Dan Stafford
Hannah Burton At school we are doing a thing called genius hour which you have 20 percent of your work time to learn about what you want to ,so i have always wanted to learn how to code. genius hour originated from google because they got 20 percent of their work time to learn about whatever they wanted to so then some of googles best products came out of it
David Greenberg database-driven web apps, app development
Francois Martel Front end Web Development, Ruby on Rails
Alice Yang
Nick Lee Drupal Training Day
Cara Magliozzi
Alley Kae I would like to learn how to code... It seems...MAGICAL
Site Admin
Ryan Struhl
Millie Rossman
Daniel Castrillon Reyes Front end web development
Kate Harrington Mom of H.S. Freshman into robotics, online gaming, live action role play and legos.
Hriday Chawla
Eric Pahl development
Valerie Perrotte Drupal
Deric Harrington I'm a Drupal content manager who is looking to expand into learning the back-end of it.
Miriam Neptune I would like to find out about beginner/intermediate workshops and opportunities to build web development skills. I'm also interested in bringing my family to Nerd Summit on Sunday 9/13