name Organizationsort descending Job title Reason for account
Rob Martinez
Jason Dale
Joshua Bolduc PHP, Drupal, Symfony
Meghan Chiampa
Mallory Collins I'm interesting in getting involved in coding and the coding community.
Julie Russell I saw there was a learn scratch workshop for parents. I have a 13yo that I am trying to keep up with. =)
Xuzhang Lin Java, Python, Web Development, Internet of Things, Automation, Big Data
Alex Chou Software Engineering, Web Development, Android Development, etc etc.
sequoia's picture Sequoia McDowell Senior Software Development Engineer Javascript, PHP, Java, security, testing, software development best practices, teaching, learning, and getting to know people here in Western MA!
amanda_giles's picture Amanda Giles IT Consultant Web Development, WordPress, Women in Tech
John McNeal
Georgy Cohen
Kyra Anderson
Lisa Laviolette I saw the conference referenced on the Holyoke Codes website and I'm interested in finding out what this group is about.'s picture Nick D'Amico creative coding's picture Chris Hamper Freelance Web Designer Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, Web Design, Web Development, Linux SysAdmin, Sci-fi, Nature, Hiking, Reading
Julie Xia front-end development, software engineering, environment/sustainability-based tech
Beth Forbush
Daniel Nelson app dev, startups
Carole Singh Want to create maker space in Somersville CT
Bethany Seeger software - mostly lower-level, but I do like to understand web stuff; farming; good food
Parker Williams I'm interested in learning how to code my own website.
rose john java,js,scala
Yael Kaufman
Julie Woods Drupal
MrAdamJohn's picture Adam John Various.
Meghan Fallon
WaiJe Coler Want to get involved with the developers of new england.
Michael Harris
Brendan McKenna
Nick Monti
Conner Reilly Coding
Devasena Inupakutika Programming and Robots
Helen Hood
First name Last name
Anna-Maria Goossens Parent of attendee
First name Last name
Ryan Lanman i want to learn how to make code and then build my own website
joshua copen scratch
Venkatesh Kashyap Konanur Gopi Krishna solving technical challenges, reading novels and technical content, cycling, soccer, programming, control systems design, robotics
Sean Noran Graphics, Robotics, AI, Software design
Nick Katko Drupal
Maggie Haigis Years ago I built a website with Drupal. I have forgotten SO much and need to revamp it and update everything and learn it again. This workshop seems perfect. Thanks.
Sarah Broome Submit proposals