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Laurie Zollo
Alexandrre Darren Learn to code.
Nick Katko Drupal
Sarah Broome Submit proposals
Tengiz Vachnadze
Grace Lee
Nick Katko
Demetria Shabazz I am on the board of a local youth, media, and social justice group. We provide high quality arts and media training for youth in Amherst and Ware, MA and partner with school districts and local media access and technology centers such as Amherst Media. Since we do not have a confirmation of which you will attend I cannot give email addresses and names. Is it possible to apply and then have issued tickets on our behalf? Our website is
Wera Evers Müllsäcke, Abfallsäcke alle Sorten. Gewebesäcke. Kartoffelsäcke. Laubsäcke. Raschelsäcke. Zwiebelsäcke. Spänesäcke. Hochwertige Waren vom Produzent. Fabrikverkauf. Versand am gleichen Tag aus Frankfurt. Bis 95 % günstiger als auf dem Markt. Arbeitshandschuhe und Vieles mehr. Info auf: Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Alison West Drupal, web design, CSS, Sass, Compass
david doonan stuff
Tahlor Marchi
April Albrecht
Thomas Lam Web development, Drupal, HTML/CSS, Javascript
Adriane Gan
Niketh Murali
Justin Aquadro Recommendation by new employer.
Emily B I want to learn how to code and all that jazz.
JacksonHoose's picture Jackson Hoose
Michelle Farr Sounds like fun. I will be giving my son the information as he would love this event and everything about it. Yes my son is a NERD.
Thai Nguyen
Matthew Mattingly Painting, photography, music
Tomal Hossain
Rob Jobs to test jobs
Diane Williams
Matthew Strand
Paras Doshi BigData, Joomla, Web Development
Jason Dale
Alison Macrina
Meghan Chiampa
Mallory Collins I'm interesting in getting involved in coding and the coding community.
Jennifer Moulton
Mike Tolinski Wordpress
Natalia Gabrieleva
Dylan Scinicariello
Eunice Park
Georgy Cohen
Lisa Laviolette I saw the conference referenced on the Holyoke Codes website and I'm interested in finding out what this group is about.
Richard Damon
Sharon Clapp archaeology, technology, libraries
Kahil Henderson Coding, Programming
Kelly Albrecht
Henry Strand
Lingmeng Wu
Alan Zaffetti Enterprise software development in Scala.